Monday, September 7, 2009

So many parties, so little time!

Two of Lily's girlfriends, Addie and Kaitlyn, recently had their 1st birthday parties.  The girls always have a great time playing together, and Lily is up for any occasion that involves CAKE!

Playing in the balls at Addie's party!

The birthday girl, Miss Addie Perkins!

Breaking for some apple juice!

The balls were a hit!

Happy Birthday, Addie!

Looking through a book together!

Birthday party #2, Kaitlyn's Barnyard Bash!

Making a run for it with the balloons!

Happy Birthday, Kaitlyn!

Lily and Natalie in their birthday hats!

"Where did everyone go?"

Ready for nap time...

But not until after some cupcakes!


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