Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Big News!

We're very excited to announce that we're expecting baby #2 in July! 

It has been a long (and VERY hard) pregnancy so far.  My morning sickness started Thanksgiving weekend, and progressively got worse over the next few weeks.  I ended up in the hospital at 7 weeks for dehydration and rapid weight loss.  After 5 days of trying every drug they had to offer with no relief, they finally let me go home with a Zofran pump in my leg.  I was unable to get out of bed for the next 2 months, so we ended up hiring a full-time nanny, Ms. Laura, to take care of Lily.  We were so lucky to find Laura on such short notice.  She was amazing with Lily and was kind enough to take care of me, too.  Even though I knew Lily was in great hands, this was still the hardest part of the whole ordeal for me.  I hated not being able to spend time with my baby, especially during the holidays.  Our sweet dogs, Peyton & Cole, were shipped off to their grandparents from some TLC, too.  It felt like the 1st trimester would never end!

We finally started to see the light at the end of the tunnel around week 15.  I was SLOWLY starting to feel a little better and could start taking care of Lily again.  I'm about 18 1/2 weeks now and things are beginning to get back to normal.  I still feel sick most of the day, but it is definitely manageable now.  We are so thankful that, throughout all of this, sweet baby Sadler #2 has been perfectly healthy.  What a miracle!

I'm going to try my best to catch up on've missed a lot!  Lily is such a big girl now :( 

Thanksgiving at the Lake

After our awesome girl's getaway, Lily and I headed to Gainesville, GA to meet up with Josh and the rest of the Sadler family for Thanksgiving.  Our visit was filled with walks to the lake to feed the fish, a midnight trip to the North Georgia Outlets for some shopping and, of course, lots of eating and relaxation!