Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Falling into FALL

Okay, so it's still 95 degrees in South Carolina.  I don't care, in my house it is going to feel (and smell) like FALL!
We're stuck at home today because Charlottte has a little cold.  Normally I don't like hanging at home all day.  I'm definitely more of an on the go type of girl :)  However, my Halloween decor makes me happy and Lily and I had lots of fun in the kitchen while Char took her morning nap.

Dinner time...

has turned into my most favorite time of the day.  The older the girls get, the more hectic our days seem to be.  Lily, Charlotte and I spend most of our time running from pre-school to Little Gym to dance class to play dates, etc.  As soon as Josh gets home from work, I usually toss him the kids and head to the gym or out to run errands.  Dinner is usually the only time during the week that all four of us are able to spend a little time together.  Granted, most of our conversation consists of Josh and I trying to talk Lily into eating her dinner while constantly telling Peyton and Cole to stop begging for her food, but I still love this time :) 

This particular night, Lily decided to turn her raspberries into finger puppets and Charlotte thought this was pretty much the funniest thing EVER. Oh, and I tried this recipe from Pintrest for Josh and I.  YUM

Monday, September 12, 2011

Lily's 1st Day of Preschool!

I'm a little behind because we've been out of town (Josh and I took a trip away from the girls for the first time...will blog about that soon!), but I wanted to make sure and share a few pictures of our big girl on her first day. 
Lily and Charlotte are definitely two very different little girls.  Lily loves being around lots of people and has always been very comfortable leaving me to play in certain situations (preschool, the gym, church nursery, etc).  Charlotte - not so much!  That being said, Lily's first day of 3-year-old preschool went a lot more smoothly than the day before had been with Charlotte.
This year Lily has Mrs. Elizabeth and her classroom is upstairs - very exciting to a 3-year-old!  She has "homework" to complete each night (learning to write a new letter to go along with the color they talked about that day -for the first day it was letter "R" for RED day), and one of her BFFs, Emma Jane, is in her class.  It's sure be a fun and exciting year!