Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dinner time...

has turned into my most favorite time of the day.  The older the girls get, the more hectic our days seem to be.  Lily, Charlotte and I spend most of our time running from pre-school to Little Gym to dance class to play dates, etc.  As soon as Josh gets home from work, I usually toss him the kids and head to the gym or out to run errands.  Dinner is usually the only time during the week that all four of us are able to spend a little time together.  Granted, most of our conversation consists of Josh and I trying to talk Lily into eating her dinner while constantly telling Peyton and Cole to stop begging for her food, but I still love this time :) 

This particular night, Lily decided to turn her raspberries into finger puppets and Charlotte thought this was pretty much the funniest thing EVER. Oh, and I tried this recipe from Pintrest for Josh and I.  YUM

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  1. We always had dinner together sitting at the table. It was a tradition that I was never lax about no matter what time we ate. I'll check out that recipe. I need to find out more about Pintrest.