Monday, September 7, 2009

Another day at the Zoo

The weather in Lexington has been so beautiful, so Lily and I made TWO trips to the Zoo this week.  We went on Wednesday with Renee and Emma Jane, and then back on Friday with Daddy.  I'm so glad we're actually taking advantage of our passes!  

Lily really enjoyed the gorillas and everything in the aquarium.  She is still afraid of the giraffes (mostly because we tried to feed them on Wednesday and that was a little too close for comfort I think!) and the mary-go-round. 

Lily and Emma Jane!
Lily and Mommy (so excited that the Starbucks at the zoo was actually open)!
Lily with her map checking out the gorillas!

Looking at the bears with Daddy!

She loves to search for and point out all the animals!

Lily and Mommy in front of the lions!

Lily and Mommy on the mary-go-round.  She wouldn't ride by herself so I had to jump on!

Lily watching the turtles!

She loved all the fish!

"Time to go home already?!"

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