Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Blues

It's been a very LONG month for the Sadler family.  January is usually a bummer of a month anyway, but our January has been particularly disappointing.  For starters, we've all been so sick!  It started with Charlotte, then Josh got it, then Lily got it and then Josh and Charlotte got it again!  Both girls ended up with ear infections.  We've spent so much time at home, minus a few trips to see our pediatrician.  Lily was begging me to take her to school last week and cried when I told her she couldn't go. 
We decided we had to get out of the house this weekend.  The weather was just too georgous to stay indoors.  We made not one, but two trips to the Zoo and the freshair helped us all feel much better.
Lily is finally her happy, easy-going self again and Charlotte is almost back to normal, too.  The man-cold is still lingering with Josh...I'm starting to thinking he is milking his cold for all it's worth!

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