Friday, February 24, 2012

Soccer Time!

Lily started soccer a few weeks ago.  Sports have always been such a big part of Josh's life and he couldn't wait to sign her up!  I, on the other hand, was mostly excited about all the cute "sporty" clothes I would be getting for her. 
The first practice went pretty well.  Lily did great at following directions, and she was the star when they played Red Light/Green Light to learn how to stop when the whistle blows.  But when it was time for them to put away their individual balls and play with a single ball, things seemed to go downhill. 
The first game was interesting.  It probably didn't help that Lily and I had just returned from our girls' weekend in Atlanta and it was a 2pm game with NO NAP.  Not good.  I must say, 3-4 year old soccer is much more aggressive than I had anticipated.  Lily still didn't completely understand the whole "one ball" thing.  She would cry every time someone got the ball from her or scored a goal.  "I didn't win", "I didn't kick it", etc.  It was pretty painful to watch. 
The second and third practices went much better and she continues to say she wants to play.  So, we're sticking with it! 
Stuck in the net...
Stuck in the net, again...
Red Light / Green Light - she's got an awesome "freeze" face!

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