Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Celebrations

January can sometimes be a bummer of a month, but not for our family this year.  Between Josh's 30th Birthday and our 6 year anniversary, we did lots of celebrating!

Josh's birthday was on the 25th.  Lily was so excited about his big day.  She was set on having a "surprise party" for her Daddy.  So at 6am that morning Lily and I quickly filled our living room with balloons, presents and a birthday banner while Josh was walking the dogs.  It probably would have really surprised him, had she not told him as he was leaving that we would be jumping out to surprise him when he got back.  She also informed him of his gifts the day we got them.  We're still working on the whole "secret" thing with her.
We also celebrated our 6 year anniversary on the 28th.  Josh's parents graciously volunteered to watch the girls so we could enjoy a night out.

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