Sunday, March 13, 2011

In the words of Ming Ming...

This.  Is.  SERIOUS!  (Wonder Pets reference for those of you who don't currently have small children :)

So yesterday I had another hilarious conversation with Lily I thought I would share.  We were at the park searching for bugs (one of her new favorite activities) when I started to prepare her to leave.  I did our standard "two more minutes" which somehow always ends up being closer to half an hour.  Nap time was fast approaching and my patients was quickly wearing down when Lily turned to me and said:

Lily:  Mommy, are you serious?
Me:  What are you talking about? 
Lily:  Are you serious?
Me:  What do I say when I'm serious?
Lily:  (hands thrown up in the air)  Oh my goodness, time out Lily!
Me:  What do you say when you're serious?
Lily:  Oh my gosh!
Me:  What does Charlotte say when she's serious?
Lily:  She cries
Me:  Well, what does Daddy say when he's serious?
Lily:  Dad's not serious.

Guess it's pretty obvious who's the disciplinarian in our house!

I love everything about this age.  It's so fun to finally hear what's on her mind and see things from her perspective.  I love this girl more than words can say!

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