Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Star is Born!

Lily has been taking ballet for about 2 months now.  The first few classes were difficult because her teacher, Mrs. Mimi, believes that even 2-year-olds should be able to pay attention and follow direction during their 45 minute class.  Don't get me wrong, we love Mrs. Mimi and she is very patient with the girls.   However, she's not about to let them just run around and be silly the whole time like they would like!
Lily's attention span seems to be growing each week.  She's starting to recognize ballet terminology and has become much better at listening to Mrs. Mimi and following her directions.  
Well, I have to say that Lily took it to a whole other level this morning and I was totally amazed by my daughter.  She ended up having a "private lesson" and I wasn't so sure how I felt about that at first.  Charlotte was pretty fussy and I was dreading having to hold her (14 lbs!) and chase Lily around the room telling her to pay attention and not touch the mirror for the 1,000 time!!!  But it was like Lily sensed my exhaustion and decided that she would be the perfect little student for me.  What a gift!  She listened, was polite and did everything that was asked of her with a smile on her face.  It was magical!  I was so proud.  Next week may be a totally different story, but today she was a star!

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