Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lily's new "big girl" room!

Lily's big girl room is almost complete! We still have her crib in there (not sure when we're going to try and make that transition), but other than that it's done and super cute! She loves to snuggle in her bed at night to read stories, but it perfectly happy to get in her crib to sleep :)

We still haven't decided on a name for her new giraffe...any ideas??!!

Here is a peek at the nursery, which is still a work in progress.  Josh did an awesome job painting it (I'll admit, I was a little worried)!


  1. I love love love everything! Lily's room looks so grown up! For the giraffe's name, I like sophie or zoe.

  2. Love the big girl room and the little girl room. I nominate "Gertrude" or "Gloria" or "Glenda" for the giraffe.

    Aunt Bonnie