Friday, April 30, 2010

Gone Fishin'!

Lily, the dogs and I spent some time in Gainesville with Mama J and Papa Charlie last weekend while Josh was out of town for a work meeting.  Lily loved riding the golf cart to the lake to feed the "fishies" some bread. 
When we got home from our trip we had to go to Pet Smart and buy our very own fishy.  She has tried to feed Fishy (this is his name) pieces of whatever she is eating and has tossed a few toys into his bowl for him to play with.  Now she knows that Fishy has his own special food.  When it's time to feed him she gets his food out of the cabinet, leans over his bowl and calls him to her ("Fishyyy, Fishyyy, Fishyyy..."), and smiles happily as he gobbles three little pebbles up!

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