Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fun in the SUN!!!

We had an awesome time in Hilton Head.  Josh, Lily and I headed over Friday morning and my sister, Halla, and her family arrived Saturday afternoon.  Lily absolutely LOVED swimming in the pool (the ocean was still a bit chilly).  She spent hours splashing around, chilling in her starfish float and jumping to her daddy from the side of the pool.  She is definitely a water baby! 
We got way too much sun our first day there, so I spent the rest of our trip smothering my poor baby in sunscreen.  Lily already has tan lines and it's only April! 
We also went for our first bike ride together.  I'm sure the pregnant lady with the baby on the back of the bike got a few funny looks, but it was so much fun!
Lily loved hangin' with her cousins, Olivia and Emily.  It was a week of endless Nemo fruit snacks and Shirley Temples, 10pm bedtimes and hours of fun in the sun!  Needless to say, Lily has been sleeping in every morning and taking 3 hour naps since we've been home :)

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