Monday, May 17, 2010

Sick baby = no Dora Live :(

We were supposed to go see DORA LIVE in Raleigh, NC this weekend.  We got the tickets last December when I was super sick and stuck in bed all day.  Josh thought it would be something fun to look forward to and help get me through the next few months.  Unfortunately, Lily picked up a 24 hour stomach bug that totally messed up our plans :( 

She got sick in her crib early Friday morning, followed by two more little accidents every 30 minutes.  She was starting to look a little better so I gave her some oatmeal and juice.  She kept it down all day and we were starting to get a little optimistic about Dora.  We though it would be good to get out of the house for a bit that night, so we went to Zaxby's for dinner.  She was pretty fussy the whole time we were there and wasn't at all interested in eating anything.  So we were in the parking lot about to put her in my car when she proceeded to projectile strawberry yogurt everywhere (what a sweet baby for doing this before she got in the car).

She seemed to bounce right back again, so we decided to pack our bags and see how the night went.  She was so pathetic that we decided to let her sleep with us that night.  Well, at about 1 am we woke up to our poor baby projectiling yet again...all over our new bedding :( 

All hope for Dora Live was lost at this point.  That was the last time she got sick, of course, so we probably could have gone.  Oh well, it was still a very memorable weekend! 

I just knew these cookies would make her feel much better!  They didn't...


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